Happy #WisdomWednesday! We enjoy sharing our multitude of excellent titles with you each week. This week’s focus turns to the beginnings of modern medicine and the great scientific minds who paved the way.

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Elie Metchnikoff’s last book THE FOUNDERS OF MODERN MEDICINE takes a look at Nineteenth Century medicine, specifically noting the works of Pasteur, Koch, and Lister. This book also displays Metchnikoff’s scientific knowledge, insights, and personal acquaintance with the geniuses of whom he writes. Though the book was not published in English until 1939, some hundred years after Metchnikoff began writing the book, it remains a valuable source of information. Metchnikoff was in an extraordinary position to describe the advances that led, in a short period of time, to the beginnings of modern medicine (Gryphon Editions, 2006).

Founders of Modern Medicine

Elie Metchnikoff was a pioneer of science with his discoveries in phagocytes, immunity, and the study of aging/longevity (gerontology). In 1908 Elie Metchnikoff and Paul Ehrlich, together, were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology due to the incredible work they had done on phagocytosis (Encyclopedia Britannica, January 6, 2017).

Elie Metchnikoff photo

Posted below is a reprint of an article on how his contemporaries viewed phagocytosis. This was published five years before Metchnikoff’s Death.

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