Happy #WisdomWednesday! Our tile this week is View of the Constitution of the United States by St. George Tucker. Be sure to add this beautiful edition to your collection we only have a few titles left! Simply visit our website for details!

St. George Tucker’s View of the Constitution of the United States was published in 1803 and was the first extended and systematic commentary on the constitution after it had been ratified by the people and amended by the Bill of Rights. For much of the nineteenth century this work was used as an important handbook for law students, judges, and statesmen.

While professor of law at the College of William and Mary, Tucker decided to use Blackstone’s famous work “Commentaries of the Laws of England” as part of his instruction. Though Blackstone’s work was key, his work was filled with principles of a monarchial and aristocratic state, which Americans had just recently refused. Tucker felt that it was then necessary to republicanize Blackstone’s work. Tucker took extensive notes on the body of Blackstone’s work thus writing dozens of essays. The longest of these essays was The View of the Constitution of the United States and “Of the Constitution of Virginia.” This book also includes seven other essay’s from Tucker’s edition of Blackstone.

These are the most important writings in regard to Tucker’s political and constitutional thought, and his work still remains an important part of our constitutional history.

Tucker - View of the Constitution


About St. George Tucker:

St. George Tucker studied law under George Wythe at the College of William and Mary, in 1775 at 23 years old he was admitted to the bar. Tucker also took part in the Revolutionary War. After the war his law practice flourished and he was appointed one of the committee to revise the laws of Virginia. He served with James Madison and Edmund Randolph as Virginia Commissioners to the Annapolis Convention. Tucker’s career as an expounder of the new constitutions of Virginia and of the United States began in 1790 when he succeeded Wythe as professor of law at William and Mary. It was here that Tucker felt he needed to republicanize Blackstone’s work, thus writing several essays and creating The View of the Constitution of the United States. While the use of Tucker’s work cannot be quantified, all authorities agree it was influential.

St George Tucker


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